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Why Does MSN Search Rank Blogs So Low?

This post is more of a “What do you think?” variety. Scoble points out that MSN Search ranks blogs far lower than either Google or Yahoo. What sort of decision was made there that accounts for this? Does MSN like older material more, or does it care less about backlinks, or is it using MSN user data in its rankings? Does MSN give blogs a lower ranking specifically, in preparation for creating a blog search engine? Is this a good thing? I’m very interested to see in what everyone thinks.

Scoble has another theory:

Anyway, it sure looks like MSN is not giving blogs as much juice as other search engines. My friend Christopher Coulter thinks that’s a good thing, because it keeps blog noise down. Me, I wonder if Google is playing up blogs to continue the good brand feelings that Google generates online and elsewhere among influentials?

May 8th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Google, Yahoo, Desktop Search, MSN, Blogs, General | one comment

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  1. I think MSN is a bit more succeptible to low grade link spam. Most sites are not blogs, and many of the most prominent blogs do not rank well due ot low grade link spam. Those two factors change the ratio in the search results significantly.

    MSN also counts new links exceptionally quick. I have seen brand new sites targeting single word keywords that go for over $10 a click rank on MSN in under a month.

    I own blogs that rank fairly well in MSN for terms such as seo, single word prescription drug names, exceptionally common foods, etc. I don’t think they are discriminating against blogs, they are just easier to spam.

    Comment by aaron wall | May 9, 2005

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