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All Hail The Red Screen Of Death!

So turns out Microsoft was not satisfied with the Blue Screen Of Death, the dreadful screen you’d see when your whole system crapped out on you. So Longhorn, the next generation of Windows, has a Red Screen Of Death!

Red Screen Of Death

According to Michael Kaplan, as he explains it on Joi Ito’s blog (mirror, since it might be down), while Longhorn still has the BSOD, the RSOD exists for “really bad errors”. He adds on his own blog that its nearly impossible to get unless you do something intentionally destructive. That’s good to know, because I’m worried about the Sparking Screen Of Death (SSOD), which occurs when I get so frustrated, I just kick in the screen and smash it.
(via Slashdot)

UPDATE: Microsoft has already said it will replace the red screen with a regular black one by the time Longhorn ships. Dammit.

From Mary Jo Foley:

“The Red Screen does exist today if the Windows boot loader fails,” acknowledged Greg Sullivan, a lead Windows product manager.

Sullivan said a variety of faults can trigger the screen in early Longhorn test versions. If a user inserts a non-system-floppy disk in a drive, for instance, the RSOD would result. A dead hard drive would result in the same screen.

But the RSOD is no different from the black screen that currently displays when existing versions of Windows experience a similar system failure, Sullivan said.

And new test versions of Longhorn won’t display a red screen at all. Microsoft already has reverted back to a black screen for boot-loader failures in Longhorn, Sullivan said.

When Longhorn ships, “it will behave like Windows does today” in terms of the type and color of the screen generated during a boot-failure error, he said.

Has anyone tried this hack to change the Blue Screen Of Death to any color they’d like?

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