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Longhorn Beta 1 Coming This Month

The countdown to Longhorn will begin later this month, according to Paul Thurrott, who reports that Longhorn Beta 1 will be shipping in late July. Other tidbits from his massive roundup:

  • Microsoft is experimenting with Project M, a major shell enhancement for Longhorn far more advanced than what we’ve been seeing. I hope this is true, and if it is: Thank you thank you thank you
  • Beta 1 will not have the currently showcased Aero UI, although it is reported to be almost surprisingly stable
  • Microsoft will unveil at PDC 2005 in September its plans to secure Windows against any possible security attacks through RSS. If successful, they could make RSS more popular than traditional browsing, by making it more secure.
  • AMD filed an antitrust lawsuit against Intel? How did I miss that one?

I want to hear Microsoft’s plans for getting the beta to trustworthy bloggers. If it really is coming in a few weeks, I would hope they plan to include the blogosphere in it.
(via Marc Orchant)

July 6th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Longhorn, Windows, Security, General | no comments

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