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Free Microsoft Student 2006

There don’t seem to be any catches on this offer. Just fill out an address form and get a free copy of Microsoft Student 2006, Microsoft’s student educational/research bundle. Just another reason I always read SlickDeals’ RSS feed.

The website is a little wonky, so you may have to keep reloading until it loads (and don’t trust that it went through until you get a confirmation number).

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Other great deals on SlickDeals (I get nothing for listing this, but if you love me, or are of the “donate to your favorite blogger” type, you can buy me one :-)):
200 gig hard drive - $50 (after $50 mail rebate)
160 gig hard drive - $20 (after $80 mail rebate and $20 off in store)
5.1 PC speaker system - $40 (after 10% coupon and $55 mail rebate)
WiFi Range Extender - $5 (after $10 mail rebate; the $5 that would make it free is expired)
2-piece speaker set - $3 (after $10 mail rebate)

August 22nd, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Applications, Office | 10 comments
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  1. We can trust the non-Microsoft website?

    Comment by Devin | 8/22/2005

  2. I believe so. Interact Services has run promotions for Microsoft before. If you are cautious, I don’t think this offer is going to go away quickly, so you can wait two weeks to see if I get a copy. Alternatively, just ask Microsoft.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | 8/22/2005

  3. Good enough for me. ;-)

    Comment by Devin | 8/22/2005

  4. Free Microsoft Student 2006

    You can apparently get a free copy of Microsoft Student 2006 at this link, but it’s currently down for me. Maybe I’ll check back later, get a copy and update this entry.

    Via Nathan Weinberg via…

    Trackback by | 8/22/2005

  5. Thanks for the reminder on Used to read them a bit when I was looking for a laptop… before I started using RSS heavily, I think… subscribed.

    Comment by Patrick | 8/22/2005

  6. Offer’s over. I didn’t get one. Not that I had any great use for it, anyway.

    Comment by Patrick | 8/22/2005

  7. Due to the overwhelming interest in Microsoft Student 2006, all available free seeding copies have been distributed.

    This limited time offer is now over.

    Comment by Doh | 8/22/2005

  8. […] Hey Nathan, guess what I found in the mail today? […]

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  9. Tell me how to get the free copy of Microsoft Student2006

    Comment by kafil | 4/26/2007

  10. I don’t know how to get the free copy of Microsoft Student2006. Help me………

    Comment by kafil | 4/26/2007

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