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Hotmail Add-In For Media Center Coming

Sean Alexander breaks the news that a Hotmail add-in for Windows XP Media Center 2005 will be released for free next week. The initial release will only support mail reading, but future features are expected.
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Top 20 License-Free Fonts

Nicholas links to this list of the top 20 license-free fonts. Could someone please release the files as a torrent?

I recently copied the new Windows Vista fonts out of a beta installation and have been using them on my XP box to much satisfaction. Microsoft did a great job designing / paying for these fonts. My favorite? Candara.

October 20th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Vista, Windows, General | one comment

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Short Supply, Panic and Stupidity Hits The Xbox 360 Market

eBayers are selling pre-orders of the Xbox 360 for the low-low price of 50% above retail, and the Enquirer says one got as high as $1,500 for the $399 console. Rumors of short supplies and sellouts of the console, which will not be in stores (even for these people) until November 22nd, is sparking a small panic among the small-brained, resulting in pre-orders for consoles like this one selling for $675.

People: CALM DOWN! You’ll be able to get a pre-order in your local Gamestop, so why go to eBay? This is completely absurd.

Okay, scratch that. Gamestop online is sold out of the 360, selling only an “Omega Bundle” for two grand with the Premium bundle, 20 launch titles, three extra controllers, faceplates, a memory unit, a year of Live Gold and a warranty. In fact, Gamestop’s cheapest pre-order (sold-out now) started at $699!

EBGames: Sold out
CompUSA: Not taking pre-orders yet Not available Taking “no guarantee” pre-orders
Froogle doesn’t have any well-known retailers claiming to have pre-orders.

Still, I’m calling shenanigans. No one knows yet if supplies will be too low, so the stores are either projecting shortfalls and allowing few-to-no pre-orders; or they are taking advantage of the panic to engage in price-gouging (I’m looking at you, Gamestop). Microsoft will likely let these stores no how many units to expect on launch day by November 2 (three weeks before), and, assuming supplies aren’t abhorently low, more pre-orders will be available.

I suggest finding a store you trust with an RSS feed on 360 availability and checking every day, and pre-ordering only what you want at standard retail price. Don’t be a sucker.
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Microsoft Shares Your Pain

This funny video explains how Microsoft actually tortures its programmers when you get an error message in Windows XP.
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Vista Solitaire In Windows XP

Rafael has produced a hack to let you use Windows Vista’s Solitaire application in XP/2003 installs. Its limited to certain builds of Vista, so my sol.exe doesn’t work. Anybody have any luck?
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Microsoft Software Lets You Connect To Multiple Wi-Fi Networks

Microsoft Research has developed Virtual Wi-fi, which allows a single wireless card to connect to multiple wireless networks at once for better speed and reliability. Its not the friendliest software out there, but its been featured on Slashdot, so hopefully the open source code (!) will get remixed into some nice (and full-featured) packages.

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New Features In Latest Vista CTP details some of the additions to the latest released build of Windows Vista.

  • improved printing from within Internet Explorer 7
  • a new Mobility Center (groups together a host of laptop options, including new power management settings)
  • a “Network Center”, that acts as a central spot for managing network connections, replacing the “My Network Places” and “Network Neighbourhood” from Windows XP
  • tools for authoring and digitally signing documents in the new XML Paper Specification (XPS) format, code-named Metro
  • an early version of Windows Media Player 11
  • new network and PC diagnostic tools that can, for example, detect when a disk is likely to fail, warn users and prompt them with ways to back up their data

Features still to come:

(via Channel 9)

PC Mag has a tour of Vista 5231 including an overview of Vista’s new search capabilities.
(via Mary Jo Foley)

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