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Front Row’s Total Lack Of Features, Part Two

So, The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a reader report on Apple’s Front Row, and its actually worse than I thought. What else does Front Row not have, besides the stuff I mentioned last time?

  • No ability to launch or manipulate the program without the remote. Lose the remote and you can’t even start it up!
  • No way to jump to a place in a file. Just fast-forward for a long while.
  • Doesn’t recognize the iPod. Wow. How’d they forget that one? Media Center recognizes Windows Media devices, even sorta recognizes the iPod.
  • Photo slideshow randomly pans, with no control, so vital parts of photos may get cut off.
  • Videos don’t save your place if you stop them, like they do on Media Center, iTunes, and the iPod. Another stupid mistake.

October 24th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | XP, Windows Media, Apple, Media Center, Windows, General | no comments

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