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MSN Chatlist Capacity Doubles to 600 Buddies

Three-hundred contacts already is a lot, who can ever fill up their contact list to 600 buddies in the first place? That’s like… freaky.

For many services, like Web2Messenger, this means they can now host more users on the same mirror address, quickly expanding their capacity!

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Comcast Rules Out Hotmail

Broadband internet service provider Comcast temporarily prevented its subscribers from sending emails to Hotmail and MSN accounts.

For three days, users trying to send messages to the Microsoft owned internet service received error messages stating: “The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server.”

A spokesman for Comcast did not return several requests seeking further information. Comcast operates as a US cable TV provider. Its broadband internet business has 7.7 million subscribers.

They say it wasn’t because of spam. It was due to ‘massive volume’. Three days. Hmmm. Must ‘ve been quite a volume.

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Steve Ballmer: Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2005

Ballmer :

The top priority for us is to be an innovative company. At the end of the day, we make all our money based upon our ability to innovate. If we don’t innovate, we don’t have new versions, nobody needs to upgrade, nobody needs to buy, so you’re asking me, in essence, what do we need to do to make sure that our job-one skill, innovation, is fulfilled. We actually have to have a variety of ways to innovate. We’ve got to have the ability to invest in things that will take a long time. We have to have an ability to invest in things that will take a few years, and we have to have the ability to invest in things that literally need to change and move and rev every six months or nine months, very frequently.

We’ve gone through a period where, shall we say, we haven’t had all the muscles working evenly. Our MSN team has been pumping rapid innovation into the market. Office has been moving every few years. Windows has had a longer gap between its major releases, with the exception, of course, of the major security release we did, XP SP 2. And I think the important thing we’re focused in on across Microsoft is how, through the combination of both products and services on top of those products, Internet-based services, all of our major businesses can have a short twitch capability, call that every six or nine months; a medium twitch capability; and at the same time we can’t stop doing the R&D that will actually take three or four years to get done. We just can’t make our customers wait three or four years for the things which should have been on more interim cycles. So, we’re trying to pace ourselves, not pace ourselves, but to orchestrate ourselves so that we have innovations coming on all three of those cycle paths.

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MSN Book Search in 2006

MSN will launch MSN Book Search (MSNBS) sometime in first half of 2006.
In the early stages, MSNBS will be found as a separate vertical on the MSN Search page
(just like Image, News, etc.) but eventually MSN hopes to include book results in web results pages.

The material that MSNBS will come from the Open Content Alliance (OCA) that Microsoft is formally joining today.

Yahoo and others are also part of the OCA. A few weeks ago, OCA’s man in charge, Brewster Kahle, asked for more in the participation in the alliance and it looks like he got some from a heavy hitter.

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