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AntiSpyware To Be “Windows Defender”

Microsoft will name its AntiSpyware product, currently in very successful beta, as Windows Defender, reports Marc Orchant. Additionally, Microsoft has confirmed the final product will have versions for both Vista and XP.

The anti-malware team explains how the change happened:

Making the engineering change from “Windows AntiSpyware” to “Windows Defender” took a lot of careful coordination across our team to ensure that the strings in the UI got changed, the help files all got updated, registry keys, file names and properties, as well as a couple of images all got changed.

Wow! How exciting.


Oops. Sorry. I fell asleep and tipped over. There’s nothing less exciting than careful coordination to retype the name of a product.

Still, I think the new name is much better.

November 7th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Defender, AntiSpyware, Security, General | no comments

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