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Perspectives: January 1

perspectivesI’ve decided to start a new series on this blog, which I’m calling Perspectives. I realize that I end a lot of posts with “we’ll see where this goes”, but we never get to see, since I’m not going to repeat the same stuff every day until a conclusion is reached. Blogs tend to be so obsessed with the “now”, that we never pay attention to what’s happened in the past, and we forget things that might be important. So, every day, unless I’m way too busy (or not around), I’ll post about whatever I was discussing a year ago, and, as time goes by, two years ago, and so on.

On January 1, 2005, I gave a list of predictions for Microsoft, things I thought would be big in 2005.

I thought MSN would have a big year, largely because it finished big in 2004. I was wrong. While MSN Spaces murdered Blogspot, few other MSN services did anything. It seems that, with MSN one of the largest portals on the net, Microsoft didn’t want to mess with it, and is saving the good stuff for Windows Live, which will have the innovative products I thought would be big in 2005. MSN Virtual Earth was released, but it is now Windows Live Local, and was an otherwise bright spot in a lackluster year.

I was right on about security being a big deal. Microsoft, in Windows OneCare and AntiSpyware (soon to be Windows Defender), has released products effective enough that many users would pay for it, although they’ve been free betas so far.

No one could have predicted the Xbox would have as big a year as it did. Microsoft marketed and produced a world class console launch. Its a shame no one could buy it, and no one is stupid enough to say Microsoft already won, but they did a great job in 2005.

Internet Explorer is finally getting interesting. MS surprised me with IE7, and although they have yet to deliver a beta that measures up to Firefox, the final XP version, and better yet, the XP version, look to be major upgrades. I’m still 50/50 on whether they’ll pull it off, but they’re trying, and doing quality work.

Windows was slow this year, MCE was really big, and MCE can be bought in stores. So I was completely right. I even bought an MCE box, and I’d never go back (and never get a Mac without media center capabilities). Microsoft also excited with Vista betas, and the Office 12 beta I’m currently running has the best interface I’ve ever used.

All in all Microsoft did a great job hyping 2006 in 2005, while delivering nothing, or next to nothing. Lets see what happens now that they have to show results.

This has been “Perspectives”, I’m Lionel Osbourne.

January 1st, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Vista, Xbox 360, Office, XP, Virtual Earth, Perspectives, Local, Live, AntiSpyware, Xbox, Security, MSN, Applications, Windows, Spaces, Media Center, Internet Explorer, General | one comment

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  1. Internet Explorer *should* already be interesting since it hasn’t been for years. Most of the techies have already moved to Firefox and won’t move back. I can’t browse without many of the extentions so a pretty face on IE won’t get me to move back.

    Comment by Brett Nordquist | January 2, 2006

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