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links for 2006-01-02

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KB Cafe Blog Awards Winner: Best Microsoft Blog

Randy Charles Morin’s KB Cafe Blog Awards closed as 2005 did, and this very blog has edged out all comers as the best Microsoft blog with 29% of the vote. Mini-Microsoft was second with 21%, and the always excellent Microsoft Watch clocked in with 17%.

Blog News Channel blogs seemed to do well in all categories, which probably just means that anyone I told to vote probably voted for all of them. InsideGoogle finished fourth in the Google blogs race with 20%, losing a tight race with Google Blogoscoped (27%) as the winner, followed by a tie between John Battelle and the official Google Blog at 23%.

Apple Watch won the Apple blogs category with 29% of the votes. The Hoffman’s Hearsay won the Best Right-Wing Blog category with a tidy 38% of the vote. And comrade Coolz0r’s Marketing Thoughts won the Best Marketing Blog category with 30% to Steve Rubel’s 25%.

The results are here, the original voting was here.

Among other interesting categories, Jeremy Zawodny’s blog was considered a better Yahoo blog that Yahoo’s own blog with almost triple as many votes. Dave Winer only pulled 9% in the Web 2.0 category, which makes sense, but 33% in the Syndication Blog category, not winning either. ProBlogger beat JenSense by four votes, and I think we’ll be debating the merits of both for a long time. Barry Schwartz handidly beat Matt Cutts, among others. Adam Curry edged personal fave Music Blog Indie Kids by a single vote. Engadget trounced Gizmodo.

Congrats to all, and lets see things heat up even more in ‘06!

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Perspectives: January 2

perspectivesI’ve decided to start a new series on this blog, which I’m calling Perspectives. I realize that I end a lot of posts with “we’ll see where this goes”, but we never get to see, since I’m not going to repeat the same stuff every day until a conclusion is reached. Blogs tend to be so obsessed with the “now”, that we never pay attention to what’s happened in the past, and we forget things that might be important. So, every day, unless I’m way too busy (or not around), I’ll post about whatever I was discussing a year ago, and, as time goes by, two years ago, and so on.

On January 2, 2005, besides a flame war between Microsoft and Google employees (which I discuss at InsideGoogle today and I think Google is winning), there was also the fact that Microsoft was promoting on its spyware homepage competitors from a product it was about to release, Microsoft AntiSpyware.

A year later, not only is AntiSpyware a major success embaressing those competitors, but they’ve been removed from the homepage, relegated to low placement on a downloads page, while AntiSpyware is linked prominently all over AntiSpyware, which will soon be renamed Windows Defender, has been joined by the equally excellent Windows OneCare, to begin the long trek towards fixing Microsoft’s imageof being poor on security.

This has been “Perspectives”, I’m Lionel Osbourne.

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