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KB Cafe Blog Awards Winner: Best Microsoft Blog

Randy Charles Morin’s KB Cafe Blog Awards closed as 2005 did, and this very blog has edged out all comers as the best Microsoft blog with 29% of the vote. Mini-Microsoft was second with 21%, and the always excellent Microsoft Watch clocked in with 17%.

Blog News Channel blogs seemed to do well in all categories, which probably just means that anyone I told to vote probably voted for all of them. InsideGoogle finished fourth in the Google blogs race with 20%, losing a tight race with Google Blogoscoped (27%) as the winner, followed by a tie between John Battelle and the official Google Blog at 23%.

Apple Watch won the Apple blogs category with 29% of the votes. The Hoffman’s Hearsay won the Best Right-Wing Blog category with a tidy 38% of the vote. And comrade Coolz0r’s Marketing Thoughts won the Best Marketing Blog category with 30% to Steve Rubel’s 25%.

The results are here, the original voting was here.

Among other interesting categories, Jeremy Zawodny’s blog was considered a better Yahoo blog that Yahoo’s own blog with almost triple as many votes. Dave Winer only pulled 9% in the Web 2.0 category, which makes sense, but 33% in the Syndication Blog category, not winning either. ProBlogger beat JenSense by four votes, and I think we’ll be debating the merits of both for a long time. Barry Schwartz handidly beat Matt Cutts, among others. Adam Curry edged personal fave Music Blog Indie Kids by a single vote. Engadget trounced Gizmodo.

Congrats to all, and lets see things heat up even more in ‘06!

January 2nd, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Blogs, General | one comment

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