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Perspectives: January 8

perspectivesI’ve decided to start a new series on this blog, which I’m calling Perspectives. I realize that I end a lot of posts with “we’ll see where this goes”, but we never get to see, since I’m not going to repeat the same stuff every day until a conclusion is reached. Blogs tend to be so obsessed with the “now”, that we never pay attention to what’s happened in the past, and we forget things that might be important. So, every day, unless I’m way too busy (or not around), I’ll post about whatever I was discussing a year ago, and, as time goes by, two years ago, and so on.

On January 8, 2005, there was some discussion as to whether Microsoft AntiSpyware was a play at establishing a monopoly and dominance in another industry. I actually used the word “daft” to describe my feelings, and I still feel the same way. Microsoft is in a position that, if it does nothing, Windows users will suffer and Windows’ reputation will increasingly suffer, as security vulnerabilities mount. Microsoft needed to create Windows Defender (nee’ AntiSpyware) and Windows OneCare Live to protect its operating system monopoly, its web browser monopoly, and its public relations, not to defeat Norton or McAfee.

Did you know that the recent WMF vulnerability, that affected nearly every version of Windows, did not affect OneCare users? In the future, Microsoft can partly defuse criticism and bad situations and point to OneCare and say, “Well, your fault for not using it”.

Also, development continued on MSN Search. It almost seems like the search engine has stalled since it was announced it would become Windows Live Search (the last search engine related post on the MSN Search blog was in October). I’m hoping they’re hiding something big for the Windows Live switchover, otherwise they don’t have the buzz to gain on Google.

Finally, Devin had an interview with Scoble. BusinessBits is now over a year old, and I must admit I’m pleasantly surprised it turned out to be so successful. Devin has been doing a great job, and if you haven’t checked it out, you should. Especially since I’m future-posting this from the past, so you might as well read some new material!

UPDATE: Wow, when I wrote this a week ago, there was still a BusinessBits. Devin has moved onto finer pastures, after getting his sea legs (and a lot of traffic) right here. If someone is interested in doing some business blogging, this is your chance to inherit a very well-trafficked blog. Send me your information, including your qualifications.

This has been “Perspectives”, I’m Lionel Osbourne.

January 8th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | AntiSpyware, Perspectives, Security, Search, MSN, General | one comment

Is The 360’s Hard Drive A Major Bottleneck?

Reading Joystiq’s post about how SiN Episodes may be ported to the Xbox 360, they make an excellent point about how the console’s miniscule hard drive will hold back certain capabilities for the system.

The Xbox 360’s hard drive is just not designed for massive game downloads. With just 13 gigs free, and the SiN package coming in at over 2 gigs on the PC, the option of purchasing games and leaving them on your console forever is simply not a possibility. Will they release larger hard drives or simply allow you to download games over again when you want them, swallowing the bandwidth cost?

I really wish Microsoft had just thrown in a regular 3.5 inch hard drive in an internal slot, and not a 2.5 inch laptop drive. You can get five times the data for your buck (and usually more, if you shop well), and Microsoft could have just shipped the console without the drive and let gamers worry about it.

The 360 can use USB hard drives, but Microsoft won’t let you save games and Live content to it, an artificial limitation. Was that really necessary? Will Microsoft do the smart thing, and just let you bring your own drive at some point? I doubt it. Maybe the hackers are working on a solution.

January 8th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox 360, Xbox, General | no comments

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I’m Engaged!

Yes, faithful readers, it is true! I have asked a very lovely lady to marry me! I hadn’t actually spoken to her before, but she had noticed the binoculars and listening devices, so naturally, she had to say yes…

But seriously, earlier tonight, I asked Raquel (who comments here occasionally) to be mine forever. She’s beautiful, fun, and the best person I know, and I’m just lucky that she hasn’t figured out how much beneath her I am.

I’ve been too busy for the last day to post (sorry, biggest Google news weekend of the year vs. biggest decision of my life = no contest), and I’ll be in Vermont all this week snowboarding at Smuggler’s Notch, so I’ll only be posting at night (probably using expensive in-room net access or leeched wi-fi). Thankfully, through all this, Miel has been saving my ass, posting roughly eight thousand times yesterday, and he’s going to help out however he can this week as well. You can thank him by visiting his blog.

There’s a nice engagement party in a week and a half (any local bloggers, feel free to join the post-party bar crawl), and then, back to work. The ring I bought should be plenty to tie her down till the summer.

Oh, and Raquel loves me so much, that despite not being at all a tech geek (she’s into the life sciences), she tries commenting on my posts sometimes, so go easy on her when she asks, “What does RSS do?”

Maybe I’ll start a wedding blog.

January 8th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General | 3 comments