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“Microsoft Cares” Ad Campaign

Microsoft is about to start a new ad campaign, letting everyone know that Microsoft isn’t an evil company anymore; that they do humanitarian work all around the world. Ryan Carter has more:

Many people seem to think Microsoft is a huge, uncaring conglomerate with little use for the little guy… They want people to believe that they care about their customers and want to change the world and make it a better place with their products.

A new ad campaign from Microsoft, to be aired soon during the Olympics, the Academy Awards, 24, ER, and The West Wing will attempt to show that Microsoft cares and tries to help the little guy in many countries of the world.

Bink says:

Come see the softer side of Microsoft? Microsoft’s corporate image is often seen as the big, bullying American software company that gobbles up its rivals and stifles competition. The company is looking to change that image with a $120M USD advertising blitz aimed at showcasing its efforts in education and economic expansion in other countries across the globe.

January 23rd, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Corporate, General | no comments

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