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Trusted Computing Locks Out Uncertified Drivers

Boing Boing reports that Microsoft has decided to make it a requirement for all drivers used in 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Longhorn Server to be certified before the operating system will let them load.

Considering that there is plenty of old hardware out there, and plenty of hardware companies that no longer exist, does Microsoft have a plan for unilaterally certifying those old drivers to avoid problems for users, or are they so concerned that all hardware be locked down to assist DRM?

From eWeek:

Starting with Windows Vista and Windows Server (Longhorn), kernel-mode software must have a digital signature to load on x64-based computer systems.

The decision to block unsigned drivers from loading is a direct attempt to restrict the spread of powerful rootkits that intercept the native API in kernel-mode and directly manipulate Windows data structures.

“By requiring digital signatures on all kernel mode software running Windows Vista on x64-based computer systems, this allows the administrator or end user who is installing Windows-based software to know whether a legitimate publisher has provided the software package helping limit the impact of kernel malware on customers’ systems,” she said.

I guess Microsoft expects that if you have a 64-bit system, you had better have advanced hardware in the entire system.

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links for 2006-01-30 (Final Search Champs Links)

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MSN Spaces Gets New Features

Dare Obasanjo writes about the new features MSN Spaces just shipped. They include:

  • Pretty good search at the top of every page
  • Advertising through Kanoodle, optional for bloggers to turn on
  • Amazon Associates integration, makes links in your reading list earn some money
  • Improvements to blog navigation, like those “previous” and “next” buttons I should have
  • Sorting your blog front page by date or title
  • Slide out contact cards, like in Messenger, activated by a right-click
  • Xbox Live gamer cards
  • Commenting with rich text and photos
  • Near-unlimited photo uploading, changing the limit to 500 photos per month from 30 MB
  • More themes, bringing the total over to 129

Very cool to see a company continuing to develop, and develop at a high level, its hosted blogging service, acknowledging the millions of people who use it.
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