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Symantec Announces Security As A Service

Security company Symantec has unveiled plans for a security service that will offer protection against spyware, phishing, spam and viruses, as well as backup and optimization technology. Code-named “Genesis”, it will be sold on a subscription basis as a hosted service.

The service is clearly designed to head off Windows OneCare, which should be nearing feature complete at the same time (assuming Microsoft wants it ready for Vista), as well as Windows Defender and Internet Explorer’s Phishing Filter. It will be a single integrated system designed for security, optimization and backup, the three cornerstones of OneCare, and will likely launch in September, one or two months prior to Vista.

CNET reports:

The software, code-named Genesis, will integrate components of Symantec’s current security, PC optimisation and backup products, the security company said. It will be sold on a subscription basis and will require an initial one-year agreement. Pricing has not yet been determined.

… Online shoppers will be able to use Genesis to securely store personal information such as credit card numbers, Symantec said. They can also use it to authenticate Web sites, the company said.

The technology in Genesis comes from current Symantec products such as Norton Internet Security and SystemWorks, as well as from work by Whole Security, the anti-phishing specialist Symantec acquired in September of last year, Powledge said.

Microsoft’s security offerings, made necessary due to the porous state of computer security in 2003-2004 that gave the company such bad press, present a huge challenge to the other computer security firms. They may not be able to hold off Microsoft’s products, and Microsoft is divorcing OneCare enough from Windows itself to avoid antitrust accusations.

If the security firms had made it their mission to secure every single Windows computer, rather than market to businesses and the security conscious home user, none of this would have happened, and they wouldn’t be dealing with the Redmond giant breathing down their necks. If you can’t do your job well, someone else will take it from you.

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