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Slingbox To Work With Origami UMPC

Sling has announced that they will release a custom UMPC version of its Slingplayer, so those with so-called Origami devices will be able to stream TV from their television to their 7-inch portables, anywhere they have an internet connection.

Their device, the Slingbox (in case you don’t read Scoble’s blog) is a simple box that sits on top of your TV, takes all sorts of inputs, and streams it all over net connections so you can watch your home TV at work, or with EVDO at the beach.

This version of the software will basically change the interface to accomodate UMPC screen sizes. I think its great that developers are jumping on board the UMPC game. When I have a better idea, I think I’ll release a version of my blog formatted for the small screen.
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Free Xbox Live Weekend Confirmed

Microsoft has announced the rumored free Xbox Live Gold weekend will indeed happen at the end of the month, just like I reported. The details are as expected:

  • It will run March 31-April 2
  • Xbox 360 Live Silver members will get full Gold access for the weekend, and will be able to play online games.
  • It is sponsored by Verizon
  • There will be nonstop events, leaderboard tournaments and contests.
  • Verizon is giving away a million Microsoft Points. Practically anybody can pick up 500 free points starting March 30.

The events are listed here, and include Halo 2, Burnout Revenge, Fight Night Round 3, Call of Duty 2, Geometry Wars, Battlefield 2, Project Gotham Racing 3, Perfect Dark Zero, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, NHL 2K6, Madden NFL 06, NBA 2K6, Dead or Alive 4, and others.

Verizon is also holding a PGR3 tournament April 10-30, with the top 64 from each region (Europe, Americas, Asia) competing April 30-May 5 and the finalists being flown to Italy and getting to tour the Lamborghini headquarters. Their promotion page is here.

Oh, one thing they specifically state: If you’ve been banned from Live before, you won’t get in on the free weekend. :-P

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Microsoft Office OneNote Live

Taking the ball from TDavid, I’ve posted on InsideGoogle my vision of an online version of OneNote, a program I already love in its offline version. I didn’t want any MS watchers to miss this, so I’m cross-posting:

    Yes, OneNote, the most innovative document editor program I’ve ever used, lets you do real-time collaborative document sharing and editing. Right now, it requires all participants to have copies of OneNote, but…

    Microsoft has a lot of powerful web-based editing tools in Office Live. Some of the components used in there are incredible and clearly took a lot of work. Why not set a small team loose to create OneNote Live? All they’d have to is take the text editing tools from Office Live and create a hosted place for sharing and creating documents online. It would link up with the OneNote desktop client, so owners of it would have their documents whereever they went and could edit offline, but could collaborate as well with anyone they needed to.

    Imagine this scenario: At the beginning of a college semester, the teacher says, “Our shared workspace is located at″. Everyone in the class would be given login credentials to this shared workspace. During class, if you have a laptop and wifi, you could write your class notes directly into a shared document, and anyone else could do the same, creating very comprehensive notes, wiki-style. In another document, the teacher would post the class assignments, and answer questions about them. In yet another section, students would post their homework (obviously, kept private from the other students).

    How much easier would this make college life? You’d have a one-stop shop where students could get so much more work done, keep up on changes in the class, post their work and set up meetings with other students. And it would be a great reason to buy the OneNote client, since with it, you’d be able to use all of this offline, and integrate it into the other Microsoft Office clients.

Hey, Scoble! Give me three talented coders and I guarantee I could have this up and running by June. So why not beg the Office Live team to get on it?

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Gates Still #1 Billionaire

For the twelth consecutive year, Bill Gates is the richest person on the planet, with $50 billion, up three and a half billion dollars from last year. Forbes’ list has grown by 102 members in the last year, and the full list is here. Steve Ballmer is #24 with $13.6 billion, barely beating the Google guys, and Paul Allen is #6, with $22 billion. I list the major players at search companies at InsideGoogle.

Forbes report on their 2006 version of the list

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Breakfast Humor: Flying Cars, Windows Booting On A Mac, And More

Some fun stuff this morning:

First off, the truth revealed: Windows XP boots on a Mac. Yes, the proof we’ve all been waiting for!

Sorry :-)
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Next off, guess who owns It ain’t Microsoft, and it ain’t exactly a pro-IE website.
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Also, Amit Agarwal shows off three aspiring actors who look a lot like Bill Gates. One’s even named Phil Gates, and he hates the comparison.

These poor guys. Their looksare about as marketable as my toenail clippings. Good luck, fellas.
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And, saving the best for last, its absolute proof that Microsoft is developing a flying car!

A suggestion: don’t promote this with a viral marketing campaign. Let the car speak for itself. Don’t make us think your flying car is a revolution, then reveal it as only going twenty minutes on a full tank of gas.
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Movielink To Provide Movies For Origami Devices

Movielink has announced it will be selling downloadable films for Origami/Ultra Mobile PC devices when they ship next month. Under an agreement with Microsoft, users would be able to download films directly to the device without having to use their web browser (presumably through an option in the Origami Program Launcher).

Presumably, Vongo will work as well. Good luck to both of them, since UMPCs don’t have the battery life for anyone to actually watch a movie, unless they are tethered to a wall socket. Now, if you’re tethered to a wall, I’ve heard of a superior technology: A television set.
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New Office 2007 Beta Coming

CeBIT attendees got to see the latest version of the Office 2007 user interface which will be present in the March 13 Beta 1 refresh. The new interface, screenshots of which are on Jensen Harris’s blog, appears to have been tweaked to appear less jarring to longtime users.

Basically, every single Ribbon-based program (except Access), has a large amount of buttons arranged in such a way that, at first glance, appears to be a standard two-row toolbar. They’ve made the font area of the ribbon resemble more than before a toolbar, so that when you glance, you see something familiar, while the rest of the interface opens up into the free-roaming and powerful Ribbon. I’m assuming users will find this easier to adjust to.

Meanwhile, the interface has been given a blue overhaul which I really don’t like. Its as bad as the blue Office XP interface looks, and that blue is the biggest reason I have never used Office XP and refuse to do so. Thank god, Office 2007 gives you a choice of skins, and the Vista friendly black skin is my sort of thing.

The Quick Access Toolbar, which contains the most popular commands (save/undo/redo) has been moved to the title bar (smart) and is joined by the Office Button, which is basically an extra large program icon. Clicking it brings up all the file control menu options (new/open/save/save as/finish/share/print/close). Great place to put it, much better than the old placement, and it makes the title bar icon actually do something.

Beyond that, the only noticeable change is that Ribbon chunks now have their names below the chunk, so that they aren’t confused with the tabs.
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Microsoft’s Office 2007 UI page, updated with new info

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