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Slingbox To Work With Origami UMPC

Sling has announced that they will release a custom UMPC version of its Slingplayer, so those with so-called Origami devices will be able to stream TV from their television to their 7-inch portables, anywhere they have an internet connection.

Their device, the Slingbox (in case you don’t read Scoble’s blog) is a simple box that sits on top of your TV, takes all sorts of inputs, and streams it all over net connections so you can watch your home TV at work, or with EVDO at the beach.

This version of the software will basically change the interface to accomodate UMPC screen sizes. I think its great that developers are jumping on board the UMPC game. When I have a better idea, I think I’ll release a version of my blog formatted for the small screen.
(via Zatz Not Funny)

March 10th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Tablet PC, General | no comments

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