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How Will Your Apps Look On An Origami UMPC?

Microsoft has released a cool tool that developers can use to figure out what their applications will look like on the smaller screens of the “Origami” Ultra Mobile PC. Of course, any idiot can use it, and I did, so here are some screenshots I took. As always, click to see them larger in Flickr. If you’d like me to check out another app, just request it in the comments.

First off, Windows Explorer. After all, if that don’t work, you’re kinda screwed:

UMPC - Windows Explorer

Also, I decided to check out the task manager, vital for me keeping my system stable. It didn’t fare so well:

UMPC - task manager

Next, Photoshop, which Scoble touted as a benchmark of the little system’s capabilities:

UMPC - Photoshop

So, how about Word 2003:

UMPC - Microsoft Word

Or Outlook 2003:

UMPC - Outlook inbox

Internet Explorer 7:



UMPC - Firefox

And, as a bonus, here’s Opera the way I have it configured. Yeah, doesn’t exactly work on smaller screens. The default configuration should be fine, though:

UMPC - Opera

(via Bink)

March 12th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Word, Tablet PC, Outlook, Firefox, Office, Applications, Internet Explorer, General | no comments

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