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Happy Birthday Mister Weinberg !

You don’t look 83 at all !

Happy Birthday Nathan !!!

Yesyes, everyone has his turn, and in 11 hours (CET) it’s Nathan’s turn to get a change in digits. Nobody knows how old Nathan really is. It’s a secret that’s very well kept, it’s almost as secret as Google’s algorithm. Going back through the archives I noticed that last year he didn’t even wrote about his own birthday. So I figured we could try to make this a well commented post and wish him a very happy birthday, for starters. The more the merrier !

April 16th, 2006 Posted by Coolz0r | General | 3 comments

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  1. Happy Birthday, Nathan. Thanks for everything and keep up the great blog!

    Comment by Devin | April 16, 2006

  2. Have a good one.

    Comment by Patrick | April 16, 2006

  3. Happy Bday Nathan!

    Comment by Randy Charles Morin | April 16, 2006

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