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New Windows Vista Build: 5365

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows Vista. Here’s some stuff:

Brandon LeBlanc calls it a beta 2 preview. He points out that this build makes heavy use of the “swoosh” animation, that appears to be becoming a theme in Vista. His screenshots show a more polished IE7 (with a new start page), Windows Contacts, the logon UI, much cooler looking Sidebar Gadgets (including a racecar inspired CPU Meter), Windows Calendar, and User Account Control.

Paul Thurrot has 15 screenshots. I noticed “Windows Easy Transfer”, Explorer windows not having a title in the title bar (weird, but makes sense), continued anti-aliasing issues in Flip 3D, the Media Center mini controls are now on the right, filtering Explorer search windows by type (e-mails, documents, pictures, music), a nice desktop background picker (no longer a simple applet), and a cool new screensaver.

Windows Connected has 50 screenshots. I see the new Welcome Center, the Control Panel graphical view (Classic View has 52 applets), Windows Media Player 11, Windows Mail, Windows Defender, Microsoft Code Name “InfoCard”, the Sync Center and the seemingly improved Help and Support.

X64bit has a bunch of first impressions. They say that performance is largely improved over the previous build and that there are over 40 default running processes.

April 23rd, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Vista, Windows, General | no comments

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