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Like Sony, Nintendo Targeting Xbox Live

A little while back, Sony sent around a survey that seemed to ask questions about setting up an Xbox Live-like service. Not long after, they announced they were building one. Now, Nintendo is doing the same damn thing.

Features in the questionaire, according to Joystiq, include:

  • Comparing game stats with your friends and others
  • Uploading screenshots
  • Posting user-made content (art and videos) and rating the content
  • See what your friends are currently playing
  • “Create and/or read blogs linked to the site”
  • Scheduling “play dates” (dates/times to play against friends) … tournaments?
  • Submitting “strategy, tips and tricks to a game-specific forum”
  • Personalizing the homepage

Its pretty obvious that everyone is scared, knowing that Microsoft has created one of the most powerful assets in the next-gen console war. They’re both hoping Xbox Live doesn’t have an insurmountable lead, both in users, polish, features, and customer loyalty.

April 26th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Xbox, Xbox Live | no comments
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