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Microsoft Deals For Phone-To-PC Music Transfers

Microsoft has cut a deal with CoreMedia, which provides DRM for songs purchased by mobile phones, that would allow the songs to be transferred to Windows PCs.

The deal may also lock down content further. According to one carrier, music purchased from its music store may already be shared between a PC and the phone, although the purchase allows two copies of the song to be downloaded, one each to the phone and the PC.

The deal would allow OMA DRM 2.0 protected content to be exported from mobile handsets to the PC and played using Windows Media Player. CoreMedia said it had integrated the Windows Media DRM SDK into its own content protection technology and rights-management technology, enabling the secure handoff of content.

Presumably, Microsoft would rather deal with the company already doing the mobile phone DRM than try to compete with it and convince carriers to support PlaysForSure. Of course, Windows Mobile 5.0 smart phones, for the most part, already accept Microsoft’s DRM to sync songs from a PC.

April 26th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Windows Media, Windows Mobile | no comments
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