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Windows Live Messenger Build 689 released.

Microsoft has released the beta of Windows Live Messenger build 689. Some thoughts:

  • Do NOT just breeze through the install process. You’ll want to uncheck the box to install the Rhapsody Music Service, which appears to be the fault of Microsoft’s settlement with Real. Do install the Sign-in Assistant.
  • Why the hell the installation wants me to close Photoshop, I’ll never know.
  • Live Messenger matches Windows Vista even better, sporting the Vista flair. Change the color to a mid-gray, and you should be quite pleased with the results.
  • You can choose to show in the bottom portion either selections from MSN Video, or ads. I like the video results better.
  • For some reason, the search box in the bottom still points to MSN Search, and not Windows Live. They should change that.

All in all, another good release, with some minor changes to the interface, all of them good.

UPDATE: LiveSide says:

Leah updates the Messenger Community today on their Messenger Blog saying this build can be considered a “final draft”. This means we probably won’t see any major changes to what we have now with this build and the final release. They are working their way up to finally releasing Version 8 of Messenger. Doesn’t mean you can’t submitt ideas and suggestions - the next version is on the drawing board.

May 2nd, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Live, Messenger, Windows, General | no comments

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