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More Of Dvorak’s Pointless Linkbait

John Dvorak must be an avid reader of ProBlogger (while ignoring that sentence in every post about writing good content) because he’s released another successful linkbait article. This one lists eight ways (numbered lists are great link-getters) that Microsoft is failing, and none of them make sense. For someone who has always been on the inside of the industry, how he makes broad claims that ignore reality is beyond me.

  • #1 - Vista is late and is barely better than XP. Really? Maybe it doesn’t meet your expectations, but you have to know there are other features in there besides Aero, right?
  • #2 - Office has nothing new, too many versions, and Groove must suck because Lotus sucks. I think Office’s user interface is a huge change, and the number of versions is easy to understand (and the prices make the decision pretty easily for most people). As for Groove, by that arguement, since some MP3 players suck, the iPod must suck. Awful arguement.
  • #3 - Microsoft should abandon MSN, because it is not a media company. Okay, they kind of already are, so I won’t argue with this one. If MSN makes money, fine, keep it around and see if you can do something with it. If it isn’t, move everything important to Windows Live and move on. Still, if Microsoft wants to be a media company and a software company, why not? GE has a huge media empire, and it started as an electric company. You get profits where you can.
  • #4 - I quote: “MSN Search Engine. Again more of the same and pointless. Selling ads Could be the dumbest thing I’ve read all year. Search engines make money. How is that pointless?
  • #5 - Xbox 360 stinks because they haven’t sold enough units to satisfy demand. Disagree. Reason: If there were enough, demand would have died down and people would have forgotten the console. Instead, 6 1/2 months after launch, the console is still sold out everywhere, and still has buzz. PS3 is still months away, and Microsoft needs the console to still have some edge when it arrives. And it’ll have a ten million unit lead, which is plenty.
  • #6 - Tablets suck because they aren’t the dominant form of computing. Yeah, because we all thought that within a few years Tablets would replace 50% of computers. Give the platform time. It is growing. It might fail, but it won’t be Microsoft’s fault.
  • #7 - .NET sucks. What year is this? Where’s the Microsoft Bob reference? Or Windows 3.0? Jeez.
  • #8 - Microsoft is too preoccupied with Google. Really? Look at the budgets and employees working on Windows and Office, vs. those on Windows Live. It’s clear the priorities are in the right place, and Live is doing great with smaller teams.

You know what? Every day I’ll pick a random target and write a “# reason that ____ is [adjective]”. Because I’d rather have links than respect.

May 3rd, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Corporate, Vista, Tablet PC, Live, Xbox 360, Xbox, MSN, Windows, Google, General | no comments

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