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Caption This

Microsoft PM Jim Nakashima posted this pic, with requests for a funny caption. I’ll do my best, give it your own shot. Consider this a warmup; I’ve got some contest giveaways coming soon, and everyone will have a chance to win one.

When I told Mike about Memeorandum, I thought he understood the concept of the echo chamber. Literal idiot.

May 4th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Humor | 4 comments
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  1. How about “C’mon Steve, putting that bucket over your head isn’t going to fix the stock price”

    Comment by Bob | 5/4/2006

  2. It’s the unknown Programmer!

    Comment by mbazzoni | 5/4/2006

  3. “Hey, you knew the rules: You break the build, you wear the bucket!”

    Comment by JimC | 5/4/2006

  4. Damn man, I pee’d in that

    Comment by Darrin | 2/13/2007

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