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MSN Search: Safest Results

SiteAdvisor, which attempts to warn users of websites that are unsafe (from spyware and the like), has done a study ranking the percentage of unsafe results in the major search engines. Turns out that MSN has the least number of unsafe results, with just 3.9%. Yahoo is next, at 4.3%, followed by Google (5.3%), AOL (5.3%) and Ask (6.1%).

What I find even more interesting is that only 3.1% of actual organic search results were deemed unsafe, while a staggering 8.5% of sponsored links were unsafe. That means that the search algorithms are doing a better job detecting poor quality sites, but that if you pay enough, you can get right back on the page.

I wonder what percentage of search results for lyrics searches are malicious? I’ll bet it is over 50%.
(via TDavid)

May 12th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | AskJeeves, Yahoo, Google, Search, MSN, General | no comments

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