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Multi-Post 9, featuring FlexGo, Hyperthyroidism, Windows Mobile Emulator, “What’s Next?”, and 360 Controllers On Macs

I absolutely have to clear all my tabs by tonight, so you’ll forgive the flood…

Microsoft Rolls Out Pay-As-You-Go Computing
Microsoft has unveiled FlexGo, a means of pay-as-you-go for computing, letting those in poorer countries get computers they might not be able to afford all at once. This is one of those ideas that seems like it might be a terrible plan, but sometimes just works out. Still, I can’t picture people having a non-working computer sitting around, waiting for you to pony up a few bucks for it to start working.

Two things I found interesting: When Microsoft released this news, they had four different press releases, each one giving the credit differently. I don’t need to even explain the difference, just read the headlines:

I just find that hilarious.

Also, you might remember some rumors that Microsoft was working with Transmeta on some secret low-power chips, and that those chips were being designed for the Xbox Portable? Well, the truth is out: They are what makes FlexGo work. Sorry if it wasn’t more exciting…

Send Your Love To Alex
Alex Barnett, who works at Microsoft, who’s blog I’ve always enjoyed and been impressed by, and who I met at Search Champs (and discovered to be even cooler in person), posts about his hyperthyroidism. To put the problem to bed permanently, the doctors are cutting out the thyroid, which is actually more of a good thing than it sounds. I’m just glad he’ll be feeling better, but nobody likes surgery, so send along your love.

Check Out The Windows Mobile 5.0 Emulator
Microsoft has released a great standalone version of the Windows Mobile 5.0 device emulator. This is the same emulator that ships with Visual Studio 2005, but all you need is Windows XP SP2 or Server 2003 to run it. If you ever wanted to try out the Windows Mobile 5.0 OS, you can do anything with this as though you were holding one of those devices in your hands. I even played a little solitaire, as you can see in the screenshot:

Windows Mobile Device Emulator.jpg
(via Jason Langridge)

Microsofties Asking “What’s Next?”
Michael Kaplan is wondering, now that his work on localization for Vista is basically complete, what comes next. I’m willing to bet that, as Vista Beta 2 rolls out, a lot of Microsoft employees are asking that same question, both about themselves and the company. Vista is a huge deal for Microsoft, but no one knows for sure what the next big thing is, and it isn’t like a company of Microsoft’s size can afford to not have big things.

Use Your 360 Controller With A Mac
Here’s something useful for Mac heads who don’t hate Microsoft too much to buy an Xbox 360: someone whipped up a driver that lets you use the Xbox 360 controller on your Apple computer. Hopefully this work will continue, since getting the Wireless PC Adapter, which will let you use wireless 360 accessories with a PC, to work on a Mac would be a huge boon to Mac users who want nice gaming peripherals.

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