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Mult-Post 11: Everything Must Go

This is it, the last multi-post, chock-full of every damn news tab left in my Opera browser:

There’s the first-ever Media Center magazine, called Media Center Pro, coming in June.
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Microsoft is set to release a Community Technology Preview of Expression, a package for web, graphic and interactive design.

LiveSide writes about the Windows Live Custom Domains Manager, a desktop client for using your own domain name with Live services.

Microsoft is in talks to buy virtualization software vendor Softricity. The virtualization space is really heating up.
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Channel 9 has a video of Outlook 2007 in action, which should help familiarize you with the new features. In just the first few minutes, I learned some great stuff, and I’ve been running the product for many months.

Microsoft is making a deal with Pictometry to provide a service where you could buy really high resolution satellite images of your house ($3), neighborhood ($6) or square mile ($25).

There are some interesting Windows Live Messenger phones coming.

People were laughing at a funny Microsoft typo for the Windows Live Saftey Center. Does this make you feel safe?

There’s a new book, “Xbox 360 Uncloaked” that reveals all sorts of interesting things, including that Microsoft had a shot at having Grand Theft Auto all to itself the last console generation, but balked because the game was too violent. I’m hoping to review the book soon.
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There was a lot of talk about Windows Live QnA, including screenshots, a few weeks ago. I saw a lot QnA back in January, so I’ll have plenty to say when it launches publicly.

You can download two free Microsoft eBooks:

There might be more in this SlickDeals thread.

Microsoft is working on cell phone camera search, where you take a picture with your phone of what you’re searching for, instead of having to type it in. Almost like a reverse-Riya.

Ed Felten explains how HDCP copy protection handshakes work, and how forty devices, working in concert, can crack the system. I’m sure hackers will get right on it, if they haven’t already.
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Not sure if this is still valid, but you could get a free webcam in order to work on a shared source project.

Take a look at the very cool chart functionality you’ll get in all Office 2007, which makes working with charts easier, and those charts prettier.

Looks like Microsoft is going to turn off the part of the Vista firewall that blocks outgoing traffic by default, because of corporate IT’s wish to control it themselves. That’s silly! If they want to be able to control it, then it doesn’t matter what the default is! Doesn’t anybody think?

Microsoft showed off a prototype newspaper reading program for the New York Times. Here’s the part I liked:

“Remind me what a year’s subscription to the New York Times is,” said the world’s richest man.

“If you have to ask,” Sulzberger replied, “you can’t afford it.”

The Times isn’t kidding about not wanting people to know. They hide the subscription rate from visitors to their website. I couldn’t find a concrete page to explain it, but this page seems to indicate the regular weekly rate is $9.70, or $504.40 every 52 weeks. Yeah, totally not worth it. This isn’t a sign of class, but of embarresment. If you can’t put your subscription rate upfront, you’re saying that even you believe it is too high.

Woot has some funny Photoshops of what Mac OS X propoganda posters (done in a classic style) could look like.
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MS also has some interesting ideas about alternative text input on mobile devices (you know, as opposed to hitting 2 for A, 22 for B, 222 for C, 3 for D…).
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Wow, it is a great feeling to have finally cleared out all my old tabs. Time to get back to reporting the news as it happens, not as I get to it. Oh, yeah, and installing the huge betas that are coming today. Watch this space for the big developments.

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