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Microsoft Acquired 22 Companies In The Last Year

Richard MacManus writes about the Microsoft VC Summit, which was held a few weeks ago, and he reprints Don Dodge’s list of the 22 companies Microsoft acquired in the last 12 months. Yes, twenty-freakin-two:

  • Vexcel - imagery and remote sensing for Virtual Earth
  • GeoTango - 3D mapping visualization
  • DeepMetrix - web site stats
  • Massive - videogame advertising
  • Onfolio - web research
  • Teleo - VoIP
  • Media-Streams - VoIP
  • MotionBridge - mobile search
  • TSSX - China mobile services
  • SeaDragon - displaying large images on computers and mobile devices
  • FolderShare - file synchronization
  • MessageCast - automatic alerts
  • Unveil Technologies - call center speech recognition
  • Alacris - identity and access management
  • FutureSoft - web filtering
  • AssetMetrix - asset and license management solution
  • ProClarity - advanced analysis and visualization
  • Lionhead Studios - games development
  • FrontBridge - email security
  • UMT - project and portfolio management
  • String Bean Software - software-based iSCSI storage area networking
  • Apptimum - application transfer

Don has links to press releases for most of the aquisitions. In many cases, Microsoft didn’t aquire the whole company, but bought key technologies. I guess, with the problems the company has been having getting the right people, they’re throwing money around to cut corners, a billion dollars in all. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a company do it on this scale, however.

It’s funny how different things looked in December.

May 24th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Corporate, General | no comments

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