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Windows Live OneCare Debuts

Microsoft has released Windows Live OneCare and it is available to buy online and at retail stores. Sure it seems like a nice product, protecting you and two other computers from spam, viruses, hackers and yourself all for $49.95 a year. But what really interests me is that this weekend the Best Buy sponsored number 66 NASCAR stockcar will have OneCare logos on it this Sunday, June 4, at Dover International Speedway. Now I might finally tune in to a NASCAR race.

Via the Windows Live OneCare Team Blog

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adCenter Labs

MSN adCenter Labs has launched to all who want to try it. They have 11 demos demonstrating technology that advertisers and marketers may find useful, such as acronym resolution and finding misspellings of words and phrases. Unfortunately it looks like you will need to have an adCenter account if you want to use any of these technologies. It would be nice if they opened it up to the public for use in their own sites, without an adCenter account.

Via SearchEngineWatch

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Microsoft and Adobe At Odds Over PDF

Microsoft had been working with Adobe to include PDF in the next version of Office. Office would have been able to create PDF documents, but Microsoft wanted to offer the feature for free and Adobe wants Microsoft to offer it as a separate feature for a fee. If users of Microsoft Office are able to create files in Adobe’s PDF format they will have little need for Adobe’s Acrobat software, and if the feature is offered for free Adobe won’t be compensated for their lost business. Some applications can create PDF documents, and lets you create them for free.

Microsoft expects Adobe to follow-up on a threat of antitrust action in Europe.

Source: The Street (based on a WSJ article)

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Microsoft and Others Planning iPod Rival

Microsoft is working with Toshiba, Victor, NTT DoCoMo, and others to create and market a music player and services that will attempt to unseat Apple’s iPod. Microsoft will develop the software, and DoCoMo will offer a handset that lets users transfer Windows media files to their cell-phones. Toshiba and Victor will actually make the player.
Via CIO (based on a Bloomberg article)

Update (June 5th): Apparently the Japanese article was about Microsoft offering Windows Media Player 11 in Japan and companies pledging to support it. Doesn’t look like they are trying to unseat the iPod with anything new. (Source: PC Magazine)

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See Windows Vista demo site

Actor Tom Skerritt guides you through the world of Windows Vista in this interactive demo site. See Windows Vista is split into four sections: Connecting with people, managing the big picture, turning information into action, and expanding your possibilities. Each section is composed of 4-6 video clips that detail how a Microsoft partner or customer is taking advantage of Windows Vista, and some of them actually apply to regular users. The site seems to be geared more toward the professional and someone who wants to take advantage of Vista for everything they do. Need to find out how good that new jacket you plan to buy is on the slopes? There’s a tool for that which shows videos.

The site is extremely light on substance, though Tom does do some annoying things when you don’t click on a video fast enough. You might remember him as the guy everyone hates from the movie Contact. He changes into a flight suit saying “these [clips] are the best of the best” and he holds up a tablet PC that he writes “click->” on. Unfortunately he can’t recite lines from plays well; he recites “to click or not to click, that is the question” and I just don’t feel his energy. When he isn’t talking he stands there as his smile fades and grows, leaving an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Via the unofficial microsoft weblog

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