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The Windows Live folks sent out a notice that they are pushing out some improvements to and the user experience, sometime early next week. Note that these are changes to, the personalized homepage, not the whole of Windows Live, although many of the graphical changes are expected to be made to all the services.

The most obvious change is the addition of the “Vapor” header, featuring a Windows Vista-like Flair to give more color to the page. White space is all well and good, but there’s no reason the page can’t get a little more exciting, and that’s what they’re doing. Some Windows Live services already sport Vapor, mainly the desktop clients of Live Messenger and Live Mail Desktop, and expect to eventually see it everywhere.

There are other changes being made based on user feedback to improve the user experience. Included in that is that will present just a search box on first run, for users who want that super-clean page with the short URL. Users will then have the option to personalize the page or learn about more Windows Live services.

Clean home.png

Also, to make it easier to start customizing, users will be presented with four templates as jumping-off points, letting them start off with some installed Gadgets, but something a little less generic than if there was just one for everyone.

The update will hit next week, likely early in the week. You may have to click “Start over” to see the new bits.

Click on the screenshots to view them full-size at LiveSide.

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