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Scoble Leaves Microsoft

Congratulations are in order for Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s extremely well-known geek blogger, who is leaving MS to join an startup. Scoble joins, a podcasting and videoblogging network.

While I’ll be sad to not see Robert at Microsoft events here or there, he’s got a great opportunity here. You should always be using your successes to move to a bigger and better platform, and Scoble has a chance at something big if he can make PodTech a success (and if anyone can, it is him). In fact, Scoble’s new job is a lot like his old one, except that he’ll be able to run around anywhere with his video camera to expose all the great things we should know about.

I just have one question (assuming the big guy has time to answer any): Does PodTech plan to pay to send him to all the conferences and geek events he frequents? I would assume that it was a condition of his hiring, and I’m sure a lot of us would like to keep running into Scoble at all those random events.

I am glad to hear that Scoble’s new job pays a good amount more, and lets him spend more time with his son. Looks like he came out the winner here. Sure, Microsoft is losing someone who made obvious contributions to the company, and probably helped make it a better place to work, I think they’ve learned their lessons well from the master, and the progress he made will continue.

I’ll leave with one final thought: This proves that Scoble was Mini-Microsoft the whole time… :-D


Scoble corrects some myths that he is leaving because of something Microsoft did
Scoble’s reasons for leaving

The conversation on Techmeme

Others seem to look at it a different way:
Dave Winer seems happy, because he says Microsoft was a stifling organization, and Scoble isn’t going down with the ship
Tom Foremski blames Microsoft entirely, basically saying Scoble isn’t going somewhere better, but leaving a place that was frustrating and used him for a long time

Chris Pirillo says you’d have to be crazy to think Scoble would stop supporting Microsoft, since he was doing it well before they even hired him

Niall Kennedy says now is the time for Microsoft to put some serious effort into internal corporate development. Niall is my pick as the next big Microsoft geek blogger.
Doc Searls says:

Meanwhile, many of us will look for Niall to fill Scoble’s shoes. Won’t happen, because they’re different guys. Niall will make big footprints fersure; but they’ll be his own.

TDavid seems impressed that Scoble is basically proving that he has the guts to take the big risks for the big payoff.

Loren Heiny wonders if someone is going to try to acquire PodTech. What if Microsoft buys PodTech, and Scoble gets right back into his old job at his new salary?

Jeremy Wagstaff asks if Microsoft is going to try to recreate Scoble, or if it will revert to Evil Empire status without him.

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