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Office 2007 Delayed, and six other stories

Creative Commons Now For Microsoft Office

Microsoft released on Wednesday a tool that allows people to attach a Creative Commons license to documents made in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. The add-in, which is free and available for download from Microsoft’s site, enables users to click a new menu to select a license, and generates a CC logo, a summary of the license and a link to Some great publicity for CC (especially if Microsoft decides one day to add it to the retail product), and another attempt by MS to appear a little more open source friendly.

Vista’s User Account Control No Fun
Ed Bott has a really good article on Windows Vista’s User Account Control and why it is driving everybody nuts. He also shows some ways to make your life a hell of a lot easier.

See, if you tend to use Control Panel or Windows Explorer a lot, you can create a shortcut to that, change the properties of the shortcut to run as administrator, and you won’t see any UAC dialogs while running the program. This also works for any program that you trust that gives you UAC issues. He’s also got some solid suggestions how Microsoft can improve the feature.

Ballmer Doesn’t Matter?
Business 2.0 has its list of 10 people who no longer matter, and one of them Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. They rule him a lame duck, with Gates leaving and two others he has no history with taking over Gates responsibilities. Also on the list: Ken Kutaragi, the President of Sony and Rob Malda of Slashdot.

102 Days Left For XP SP1
Now is a good time to remind everyone that support for Windows XP Service Pack 1 will end on October 10, 2006. Microsoft policy supports 24 months for the lifecycle of a Service Pack, and they extended it by a month earlier this year. If you are running SP1, it’s high time you moved on to the far superior SP2 (which has a lot of security improvements). Of course, some people will just avoid the hassle and wait for Vista.
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Microsoft Hopes To Benchmark Industry Privacy
Microsoft plans to release in August its internal privacy policy for application developers, hoping to provide the software industry with a yardstick of best practices. Considering Microsoft has been taking a leadership position on malicious software, it makes sense for them to be doing this.

We’ll find out how good their policies are, and if they are well received, maybe MS should think about publishing a “bible” of best practices for developers. Hell, make it free with some of the more expensive Visual Studio packages.

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 Released
Microsoft has released beta 3 of Internet Explorer 7, now available for download. IE7 Beta 3 includes over a thousand bug fixes, as well as a few new features. The new features include, according to CNet:

Feature changes between the beta 2 and beta 3 releases include giving users the capability to add an e-mail button on the toolbar, reorder tabs and scroll horizontally while zooming in on a Web site, Microsoft said. Users can also update all RSS feeds at once, the software maker said.

This is likely the final IE7 beta, although a “release candidate” version or two may be released. Sadly, this is only the XP/2003 version, and the new features will not be released for Vista users until a future release. Damn. I really want to be able to reorder tabs.

The IE blog and RSS Team blog detail the changes.

Office 2007 Delayed Again
Microsoft has yet again delayed Office 2007, pushing the release date beyond January of next year. Originally, volume licensing customers were supposed to get it in October, with a retail release in January. Now, MS says it will be done at the end of 2006, with broad release sometime in “early 2007″, whenever that is. If anything made you worry that Vista could be delayed eventually, this is it.

To be honest, while Office 2007 is one of the best products Microsoft has ever developed, it is not stable enough for release. Office needs to be as rock-solid stable as possible, since no one will tolerate losing documents on a consistent basis. Right now, Vista is more stable than Office, so hopefully, Vista can avoid this delay.

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