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Whose Interface Is Better?

Based on a video circulating of the PlayStation 3’s upcoming interface, Aeropause compares it with the Xbox 360s. Take a look at the video, and then decide for yourself:

The article argues that the PS3 wins for simplicity and organization. The article says that the 360s blades are confusing and poorly laid out. The fact is that console interfaces, thanks to Xbox Live, have been forced to become far more feature-rich, and incredibly difficult. Simplicity doesn’t handle features and depth well, with lists becoming longer and longer and longer…

Microsoft attempts to hold a reasonable amount of simplicity while putting in all the features by seperating them into different “blades”, basically side-by-side pages containing all the sets of features needed for a particular activity. Some of them are in the wrong place, many are poorly named and defined, but the system works.

Sony’s attempt puts everything in a horizontal list expanding into vertical lists, an interface that is already in play on the PSP. This is similar to what Windows Vista Media Center does, except the sheer number of items in the Sony version seems like overkill. I am not crazy about the idea of having to go through everything every single time. Seperating things into different screens probably would have helped.

However, the real point is that passing judgement on a console interface at this stage is stupid. Interfaces are all about feel, not looks or demos, and only hands-on experience will tell who does a better job. Lets wait a few months before declaring either company idiots, shall we?
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Gears Of War To Release November 12

Microsoft has announced that the hotly anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive title Gears Of War will release on November 12, 2006, a day the marketing folks are calling “Emergence Day”. Considering Gears is the first possible 360 blockbuster (and possibly the only hot game to drop this entire year), the whole industry will be watching those sales figures. A flop by Gears will have a lot of repurcusions, as will a success, both on the 360’s place in the console war as well on the direction of the industry as a whole.
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In case you are wondering, the PlayStation 3 will drop five days later. Also, the 11/12/06 date isn’t exact, since EB and GameStop (and possibly others) have said they intend to have their own trucks parked outside Microsoft’s warehouse on November 7, five days before the game ships, and will get the games into their stores ahead of their typical shipping channels. A very cool idea, and shows you how important this game may be. Where that warehouse is located may determine what date you get your copy on.

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Xbox 360 Hard Drive For 15 Bucks? Not On Your Life!

Kotaku writes that the Sears weekly circular contained a real strange price: $15 for an Xbox 360 hard drive. Considering that it normally retails for a hundred dollars (although PriceGrabber has it as low as $67), the price is either a huge mistake or the result of a rowdy drunken evening at the office (oh, those wild and crazy Sears guys!). Reports from the field are that Sears isn’t honoring it, but some stores are honoring their competitor’s “price”. Print it out, give it a shot, and brag if you succeed.
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