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First Windows Live Writer Plugins On Their Way

Tim Heuer has already written two Windows Live Writer plugins, and they are now available for download.

FLickr4Writer lets you browse any Flickr library, choose picture sizes, alignment and other options, and paste the photos in your blog post. It adds a “Insert Flickr Image” link to the sidebar, and I’m very happy I installed it.

Tag4Writer is a Technorati tag plugin, enabling you to create a Technorati tag list and inserting it after your posts.

Granted, Tim had a headstart, but I’ll bet he inspires lots of others. I’m waiting for a full-on WordPress plugin to enable all of WordPress’s advanced features within writer (like custom fields), and I bet I’ll get it. All the coverage of Writer is labeling it Windows Live’s first slam dunk and a true killer app. Congratulations to everyone at Live, you deserve this moment in the spotlight.

There is also a Currently Listening plugin, posting what music you are listening to in Windows Media Player or iTunes. If you spot any other plugins, post below or email

August 15th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Writer, Live, Windows, Blogs, General | no comments

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