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Microsoft Sued Over Xbox Live Patent

Microsoft has been sued by Paltalk Holdings Inc over patents used in managing a large number of people playing games over the internet. God only knows the specifics of the patent, since the patent application seems to simply explain how internet games have worked forever, or who Paltalk Holdings is* (probably another piece of crap patent lawsuit firm), but the patent appears to have zero merit, which means the courts will probably uphold it and Microsoft will wind up paying a ton of money.

Amazing how you can patent just about anything, just by showing the skills required to write a simple, obvious idea on a sheet of paper, and then to properly file said sheet of paper. Amazing. Since you can patent anything that exists, it stands to reason that the only way to avoid patent lawsuits is by not existing. I wonder if I’m in trouble. Has anyone patented “A method of communication over wide area networks using relational databases to display information in a reverse chronological progression”?
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* - this is not the Paltalk video messaging company. Trust me. I checked.

September 14th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Xbox Live, Xbox, Law, General | no comments

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