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Front Row Clone For Windows

Proving how easy it might be to mimic the features of Apple’s Front Row front end for Quicktime, some French website has done just that, calling it Sarah Media. Like Front Row, it lets you access your music, videos, pictures and play DVDs from a very simple interface, simple enough that it can be cloned by just about anyone.

I like the translation, which has some intended and unintended humor in it.

This program has the role to make your PC a piece of furniture…

All the rights of this site and the applications related to this site are reserved for Damien Troher in all the country! With the exceptions of the rights reserved to Apple.

(via Digg, which has instructions for running it in English)

September 18th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Apple | one comment
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  1. i don’t like the program, too buggy and they stopped the support. i like the real mac stuff.

    Comment by jon | 3/5/2007

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