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Microsoft Looking At Incentives For Soapbox

AdWeek reports that Microsoft is considering what kind of incentives it can offer for those who make heavy use of its Soapbox video storage/sharing service. Being considered is giving away Microsoft Points, which can be used to buy songs from Microsoft’s Zune service, games from Xbox Live Arcade, and extra content on Xbox Live. Most Xbox 360 and Zune owners would probably switch to Soapbox, just to get some extra music and games.

A suggestion: If you find a video service that offers a feature, like revenue-sharing, but don’t want to give up the network effect of YouTube, upload your stuff to YouTube, but disable external embedding. This way your video gets to YouTube’s users, but you can use the other service for inclusion on your blog or website.
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September 25th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Soapbox, MSN, General | no comments

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