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Microsoft Honored By FBI For Response To Mytob/Zotob Worm

Nine Microsofties received certificates from the FBI for “Exceptional Service in the Public Interest” for their role in fighting the Mytob/Zotob computer worm in 2005.

Microsoft’s investigation into the author and distributors of the Zotob/Mytob was referred to the FBI only five days after the release of the Zotob worm in 2005. FBI agents, using the results of Microsoft’s investigation, then flew to and Morocco, and assisted in the arrests of two individuals 12 days after the worm starting causing damage. This month, one of the individuals was sentenced to two years in prison in Morocco for his role in writing and distributing the Zotob and Mytob worms.

Honored were:

  • Brad Smith, Microsoft Senior Vice President and General Counsel
  • Tim Cranton, senior director
  • Simona Long, investigator
  • Stirling McBride, senior manager of investigations
  • Steve Santorelli, senior manager of investigations
  • Val Saengphaibul, technical analyst
  • Scott Stein, senior attorney
  • Frank Swiderski, security software engineer
  • Rob Vucic, security software engineer

One Microsoftie said, “We lost many good men on the field of battle. The devastation was horrible, blood everywhere, but we would not relent. The enemy, while numerous and deadly, would have to be defeated for the sake of the world, and our lives would have to be sacrificed to save the world”.

Okay, I made up that last part, but you get the idea. Was this the first time someone got an FBI medal for stopping a computer virus? Pretty cool. Cyber-crime is getting real big, and computer geeks are the new forensic experts.

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