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Yes, The Zune’s Wifi Does Nothing You Expect It To Do

Penny Arcade disses Zune wifi.pngWhen you first thought about what wifi in a media player could mean, you probably thought about a bunch of cool features it would bring, like wireless transfer of music, downloading songs from the internet, maybe even a web browser or games. Well, cool those jets, since Engadget found out that the Zune’s wifi capability does nothing expected of it. It invents a new idea, temporarily sharing music with your buddies, but that’s it, nothing expected or useful.

Seems kind of silly. I mean, you’ve got the technology in there, so why not use it? Microsoft doesn’t really have any monetary reason not to do wireless loading of music to the device, and a browser or Xbox Live games would just add value. The only theory that works: Zune can do it, but the software isn’t ready. Instead of waiting, Microsoft will just issue firmware upgrades that make the device more valuable as it ages. God, I hope so, because without that, most people will keep their wifi radios off.

Enjoy the Penny arcade comic, which pokes fun (via Gizmodo).

October 4th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Zune, Windows Media, General | one comment

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