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Apple Not Afraid Of Zune

Steve Jobs says he isn’t afraid of the Zune from Microsoft. The reasons:

  • Wifi song transfer “takes forever”
  • The iPod won’t lose its cachet, because you will always “want to kiss your lover’s lips”

The Zune will more likely live or die based on the effectiveness of Microsoft’s marketing, which must convey that the device is significantly better than the iPod. So far, we haven’t seen them put in any effort at all, relying on blogs to carry most of the hype. That won’t sway a hundred million users, so they’d better get started. As long as Jobs is his regular persuasive self, and practically no one is persuading in favor of the Zune, it just won’t sell.

That’s why I wouldn’t be afraid of the Zune yet.
(Found on Findory)

October 16th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Zune, Windows Media, General | no comments

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