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100 GB 360 Hard Drive? Microsoft Chips? HD-DVD Player For Pre-order

Three Xbox 360-related tidbits:

There’s word going around that Microsoft will be releasing a 100 gigabyte hard drive for the Xbox 360. No real legitimate confirmation, and a very questionable photo, but it sounds interesting. Will it be for new consoles? A cheap upgrade? A very pricey and ridiculous upgrade? More news should be coming soon.
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The New York Times says that Microsoft is putting a lot of work into chip design, hoping to create powerful new semiconductors that power their next generation of operating systems, software and games. The research will benefit the third Xbox, as well as voice-recognition, and will better help Microsoft take advantage of multi-core processors. Could Microsoft actually manufacture chips in the next generation of consoles? Who knows.
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Also, if you really want that HD-DVD add-on drive, it is available at Gamestop for a $199 pre-order, shipping on November 7.
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October 19th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Xbox, Xbox 360 | one comment

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