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Microsoft May Require Stupidity, But The PS3 Has Monkeys

Microsoft’s Gamerscore blog has a response to that crap-filled Sony chart that suggested the PS3 was somehow cheaper than the Xbox 360.

See, Sony did something ginormously stupid and pointless, trying to “prove” the Xbox 360 was more expensive by listing accessories (a good idea) and then lying about it (a bad idea). In their chart, to get the PS3’s hard drive and wireless controller, you would have to buy a 360 Core ($300), a hard drive ($99) and a wireless controller ($50), even though the $399 360 Premium already has both, a silly comparison. Of course, they could have stuck to real extra costs ($99 wifi adapter, $50 Xbox Live, $199 HD-DVD), but they’re Sony, and they haven’t been smart about marketing since Sega took its cards off the table.

So, here come Xbox employees, shooting back with some fact checking. Like, did you know the PS3 ships with monkees inside (the box, not the console, so it isn’t a total loss)? Or that Xbox 360 + Red Vines = Crazy delicious? And check out their number 10. All good stuff.

So, verdict: Sony = arrogant, inaccurate, defensive; Microsoft = funny, confident, let the marketplace decide. Who woulda thought?

October 22nd, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Humor, Xbox, Xbox 360 | 3 comments
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  1. everyone is waiting for Sony PS3.. no matter what happens i’m sure that PS3 will win the market by the mid of next year, well i have a Xbox 360 and i’m not satisfied with it.. it SUCKS

    Comment by Sam Saqr | 10/23/2006

  2. It’s all about the hamiltons baby!

    Comment by DJL | 10/23/2006

  3. Well sam yoru a tard have a nice day

    Comment by Pete | 11/17/2006

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