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Happy Fifth Birthday, Windows XP

Yesterday was the fifth birthday of Windows XP, the first Microsoft operating system to go a good five years without a new version. On October 25, 2001, Microsoft launched its spanking new operating system in New York City with a keynote by Bill Gates, appearances by then-mayor Rudy Giuliani and Regis Philbin, and a concert by Sting, all in front of 1,500 attendees. Later that day, Gates attended a kickoff by a store for a computer company named Gateway, which was apparently some sort of important company in those days.

Can you believe it has been five years? So much has changed, so little has changed. And sometime within the next two weeks, XP’s successor will be released to manufacturing.

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Howto: Download Content From Other Xbox Live Regions

Lots of Xbox Live content is limited to download only in specific countries, which can annoy the heck out of many users. Turns out there’s a relatively easy way to beat the region lock. All you have to do is head to and register a new, free Gamertag, and assign it the country you want content from. Go to your console, recover the Gamertag, and enjoy your new content. Whoopty!

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IE7: 3 Million Downloads

Tony Chor, Group Program Manager for IE7, announced that in just its first four days, Internet Explorer 7 was downloaded 3 million times. claims 8,315,499 downloads. Firefox seems to pull similar, if not better numbers since its new version launched, probably because, despite its lower market share, its users are more savvy and more likely to upgrade. In a few weeks, when IE7 gets pushed out as an automatic update, it should put up astronomical numbers.

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IE7 May Cause Outlook/Hotmail Problems

There is a known issue where, after installing Internet Explorer 7, Outlook has trouble logging into an HTTP email server, like Hotmail. Microsoft has a hotfix for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

When you use Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express to try to log on to a HTTP-based mail server, authentication fails. This problem occurs when the following conditions are true:

  • The client computer that you use to try to log on to log on is running Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0.
  • The HTTP server is using digest authentication.

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Windows Vista Tips & Tricks Website

There’s a new site by Microsoft (or rather, a Microsoft agency) that provides a bunch of files of tips and tricks for Windows Vista. All the tips are in PDF, DOC and PPT format, and if that bothers you, click onto this Google search for Google-provided HTML translations.

My favorite tip from Windows Vista Top 10 Tips & Tricks list:

Create an XPS Document.
XPS Documents are a new archiving format perfect for preserving content and for securely sharing information in an application independent way. To create an XPS Document, open any document in virtually any application, and select the print option. In the printer selection menu, choose “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”, and save the file. Double click on the file, which should open it in the XPS Viewer, which is hosted by Internet Explorer 7. The XPS Document is a pixel perfect rendition of the original source material.

That actually is really, really cool. I’ll use that.
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