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Zune Feature Revealed: Guesting

A previously unmentioned Zune feature turned up in Gizmodo’s hands-on review of the device: guesting. Guesting allows you to upload songs from your Zune Marketplace onto a friend’s Zune, by setting them up as a guest on your account. Better yet, these songs don’t expire:

Another not-published or seldom-talked-about feature is guesting. A friend can take his Zune over to your computer, set up a “guest” relationship with your Zune Marketplace software (as opposed to a regular owner relationship), and you’re free to drag songs and pictures from your library onto her device. These songs do not have the 3 play 3 day limit on them. Depending on whether you purchased or you’re leasing these songs, you can do this with either 5 or 2 Zunes, respectively. So in essence, if your wife wants to grab a few songs off your library for listening to, she can—there’s no “wife” relationship yet, but engineers are probably working on that. As soon as they get wives.

Looks like the idea is to let you share music with those closest to you, and since there would probably be a convoluted hack to do this anyway, Microsoft decided to make the process easier. The article doesn’t go into specifics, but I’ll bet that you can activate and deactivate guests, sharing any music you purchased with your closest buddies. Microsoft wouldn’t enable this for wifi, which would make it super-easy to “soft-pirate” music, but requiring a relationship close enough to get to your home computer is safe.

Needless to say, this is a feature iTunes does not offer.

Other tidbits from the article:

  • Zune has a cool two-toned look that really works
  • Like I speculated earlier, the Zune is all about adding new features in the future. All those things you expected the wifi to be able to do? It will, just not yet.
  • The screen is glare-free
  • It is a simple matter to flag songs for later review at home


Engadget has a look at the Zune retail kiosks. These treat the Zune like a piece of military hardware, not a sexy gadget. Seriously, Microsoft need to get its own Apple stores.

2old2play also reviewed the Zune, and they found that it took a mere 20 seconds to send a song over wifi.

Engadget also reviewed it, and they found a circular indentation opposite the circular d-pad, to better balance your fingers. Great attention to detail.

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