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MSN Coffee?

msn-coffee.pngThank god for Microsoft…

Now, you can get MSN Direct on a coffeemaker! “Just in time for the holidays“, pick up the $200 Melitta Smart Mill & Brew with MSN Direct service, delivering weather forecasts and coffee in one place, like god intended!

Manufactured by Salton Inc., a leading domestic designer, marketer and distributor of a broad range of branded, high-quality small appliances, this new coffee maker automatically detects current weather conditions, the day’s forecast, probability for precipitation, and sunrise and sunset times, without the need for outdoor sensors, through MSN Direct.* And it brews a great cup of coffee from either whole beans or ground coffee.

As with all MSN Direct prices, if you wait and time your purchase right, you can get it for 80% off in about a year. Yes, as a geek, if I had a coffeemaker, I’d want it to be this one. So, if you are a rich friend feel free to buy one, but I won’t be buying it myself.

November 19th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, MSN | one comment
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  1. What’s next? A microwave flatpanel hybrid for on your desk? Preparing the pizza while you work? Or perhaps a chair you can fill with soft drinks, with the padding getting softer/harder depending on the amount of liquid stored in it, so that you can adjust your chair by having a drink?

    Integration *can* be good, but it’s just awful most of the time.

    Comment by Tim | 11/26/2006

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