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Gears Of War Tops Halo 2 As King Of Live

For the first time since the XBox 360 launched, Halo 2 is not the number one played game on Xbox Live. For a year now, every week Microsoft’s Major Nelson would list the top played Live games, explaining every single time that the list went Halo 2, then the Xbox 360 games. Now, Gears of War is the number one game, and while it may not keep the spot as long, it has finally broken the stranglehold and given other games a chance.

Congrats, Microsoft, on releasing a new killer app. Of course, it still shows that the top games remain those that appeal to a specific audience, and Gears really only reached #1 because its users were simply not playing the game they obsessively play every other day. I’m hoping a non-hardcore game reaches the top spot eventually.

November 20th, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live | no comments
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