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PS3 Launch A Violent Disaster; Society Sucks

While Sony must be thrilled that its new console has a more rabid fanbase than any product I have ever seen, it should be embaressed at the conduct surrounding its launch. There is no shortage of articles on how violent, messy, and disorganized the PS3 launch was, with people getting shot, robbed, exploited, and making a general mess of things.

The worst situation had to be in Boston, where, during a downpour, Sony’s own store refused to tell customers how many units they had, and did not make any effort to organize the out-of-control crowd. The crowd split into factions, trying to organize itself and prevent chaos, and the store workers just refused them outright. In the end, Boston Mayor Menino says he plans to bill Sony for the chaos its incompetence produced.

Of course the PS3 is selling anywhere from $1100 to $2600 on eBay.

Meanwhile, Wii launches went without a hitch, although I’m not happy to see that even the Wii sold out. A Best Buy employee told me not to even bother looking for one there till January.

Of course, that didn’t prevent the SmashMy people from smashing a PS3 and a Wii.

UPDATE: The bottom has dropped out of the PS3 eBay market. Wow, that was fast! It took months for demand to go low enough to drop huge prices, but it looks like most of the sales of PS3s went to eBay, creating a situation where the only people interested in PS3’s were sellers. Low demand is creating a bad market for PS3 sales, one that may not turn around until the PS3 is on store shelves or worse (for Sony), until the PS3 price drops to more reasonable levels.

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