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Bill Gates For President?

vote.pngDilbert creator Scott Adams, who’s pretty astute with his observations, says in two years we will see the first legitimate atheist candidate for President of the United States: Bill Gates. He argues that atheists are becoming more accepted by society in the wake of the religion-inspired deaths of 9/11 and since (and, one could argue, Iraq), and that a non-religious observer could realistically run for President. His opinion is that Bill Gates actions are so obvious that voters would have no choice but to at least check him out.

What has Bill Gates done? Well, he created one of the most powerful companies in the world, taking on brilliant competitors and finding a way to win every time. He embraces capitalism, and his products triumph freedom and choice over telling people what to do (the classic Windows vs. Mac, democracy vs. socialism arguement). Not only that, but he encourages rich people to give away their money, not hoard it, and has created the most charitable organization in the history of the world. Yet, he argues that it is up to the rich to do a better job with their money, not the government, so the other members of the upper class don’t have to worry about higher taxes.

Bill has done a ton for the economy, for charity, for disease, for the poor, and his views are likely to be less offensive to typical Americans than those of possible candidates from either party. Both Democrats and Republicans have trained the country to hate them, and voters may wish to look elsewhere for their President. Gates could tell voters, “My job is to make this country a better place to live. Not to tell you how to live your lives, or what religious beliefs you should have, or invade other countries, or spend your money for you. My job is to be your President, and stay out of your way, and no other candidate will make that promise”.

Bill retires next year, just in time to run for President. Perhaps this is his plan, and has been all along?

I’d vote for him. Would you?
(via Todd Bishop)

November 21st, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Corporate | one comment
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  1. Scott Adam’s blog is awesome and I think here’s right on here as well. And it wouldn’t be hard to be better than W, would it? ;)

    Comment by Markus | 11/22/2006

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