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Windows Live SMS Search

ResourceShelf reports that Windows Live has added SMS searching, letting you text WLIVE (95483) from your mobile phone to get replies filled with useful information. For example:

  • Text a name and location (John Smith Seattle, WA) and get a text message listing resulting persons’ phone numbers and addresses.
  • Text a phone number and find out who that number belongs to.
  • Text a business name and location (Starbucks San Diego) and find out where the nearest one is.
  • Text a category of business and a location (pharmacy 90210) and find businesses that match your search in your area.
  • Text an area code and a city to find out the area code for that city (area code detroit)
  • Text a question mark and an area code to find out where that code reaches (?713)
  • Works for country codes as well (country code japan)
  • Text d for a dictionary definition (d erudite)
  • Text a question mark to ask Encarta a question (? Population of France)
  • Text to find out what a filename does (jpg file format)
  • Text Q for stock quotes (Q MSFT)
  • Text health questions (calories soda)
  • Text unit conversions (cups in a liter)
  • Text calculations (15% of 48.75)
  • Text holidays (Mothers Day 2007)
  • Text music answers (Who is U2)
  • Text h or help for help

Great stuff. Put together a little cheat sheet and put it next to your phone.

November 21st, 2006 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | General, Search, Windows, Live | one comment
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  1. am a new client,wish to enjo the service

    Comment by Kenlow | 1/3/2007

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